Talented young harpist and composer, after her classical studies at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana she devoted herself to electronic/neoclassical compositional writing with her inseparable electric harp and with only one single published, she plays more than 60 concerts in Europe, she is nominated for 3 categories (Electro-Dance Award / Best Emerging Talent Award / Creative Award) during the last SLT Awards-MUMA in Bern, she is invited to play her compositions in the prestigious hall of the Federal Parliament in Bern, she opens the Locarno Film Festival with an original transcription of the Swiss Anthem. Kety Fusco releases her album DAZED in May 2019, in the middle of the global pandemic and she is invited to perform a transcription of the famous master Morricone in one of the greatest Italian temples, the Arena di Verona, she collaborates with the most famous musicians of the international scene Clap Clap, Lubomyr Melnyk, producer Aris Bassetti; Despite the global pandemic, Kety Fusco managed to play during the COVID loosening period, at the Isnello astronomical observatory for Ipsigrock festival, at Locus Festival in Bari, Les Cannibale in Milan, Athens Music Week, Liverpool Sounds City. Kety Fusco was invited to play on the roof of the Civic Hospital of Lugano one of her compositions, to symbolically thank the social and health workers and she reached one of the most important milestones of her entire career in March 2021 when she was invited by the UNITED NATIONS to the SGD Global Festival of Action, sharing the virtual stage with two of her great idols Patti Smith and Ben Harper.

"The Queen of Electric Harp" Swiss Live Talents"

“..Her way of playing had something fascinating, trance-like, which was received with great applause by the audience." Suedostschweiz CH"

"..It is a surprising immersion in unknown and suggestive territories, where electronics meet classic tradition and trace a new and original path." Rockit IT

“Musically DAZED is simply absurd: the strings of the harp merge with the digital notes of electronics, modern, minimalist, giving life to a combination out of any scheme, a combination that leaves the listener's mark. The nine tracks of the disc are a caledoscope of emotions in which the most desperate sensations are reflected: disturbance, energy, adrenaline, fear. DAZED is a mental escape from reality” Receindie IT

"Dazed, the debut album by Kety Fusco is surprising and shows that unexplored sounds still exist on the planet. It is a delicate, soft and suggestive trip” Confederation Music CH "

"..It is a surprising immersion in unknown and suggestive territories, where electronics meet classic tradition and trace a new and original path." Rockit IT "... brilliantly immerses the traditional sounds of her instrument in an electro universe." Mowno FR

"... we were able to try our biggest surprise: Kety Fusco on her harp, electronically enhanced, with loops, effects and bass pedals. An apparition that is not ashamed of the effort between classical, techno and rave - and that presents the musician as a physically reciting and fascinating master, a great talent, a name you must remember!” Artnoir CH