Kety Fusco, graduate in Classical Harp, specialized in Master of Arts in Music Performance, has embarked on a revolution in the harp world. In 2020 she released her debut album DAZED: 'This album is the result of my instinct to make the harp do a voice. Each composition in fact has a main harp voice, which tells a musical story, enriched by violent. I started like this, trying to use a harp as if it belonged to a woman's voice. In DAZED my harp sings." Thanks to her instinct and willingness to change the connotation and reputation of the harp, Kety has been invited to prestigious festivals and venues, such as Montreux Jazz Festival, she was also invited in summer 2022 to open the French tour of the well-known musician Agnes Obel and she was invited by the United Nations to the SDG Global Festival of Action. Kety Fusco has collected unconventional harps sound in a personal digital database called Beyond The Harp, and declared as the best library of the month by Musitech magazine; Kety Fusco is completing her new project THE HARP: a project that will collect 3 chapters, to be released on vinyl over the next 3 years, debuting at the prestigious ROYAL ALBERT HALL in London in March 2023. Iggy Pop chose Chapter I of The Harp as album of the month and spoke about it on his BBC radio show, and THE GUARDIAN quoted Chapter I of THE HARP. Suisa project winner, Kety designing a new harp with which she wants to change the reputation and alter the vision of this magical instrument.